The RRH Awards were held on Monday the 19th and there were so many students who were recognized and honored for their achievements throughout this year.  We are so proud of all of these outstanding students and have been blessed to be a part of their lives this school year.  Congratulations to these amazing young adults for everything they do to surpass expectations and succeed!

Awards 2014

No Incident Reports

Dharshina Arizona        Brandi Bekay                 Maurenna Billie

Uria Bitsinnie                Tamara Butler               Andreesen Crank

Schaielyn Descheny      Jeneka George              Shania George

Sequoia Koory              Christie Richards          Dannielle Sam

Shantel Smith               Nena Snake                    Calsie Sockyma

Summer Sonnie            Zantana Tallman           Marian Tallman

Amber Thomas             Shawna Williams           Delaney Yoe

Blane Atene                  Joshuawn Begay              Tristenn Neztsosie

Jonathan Redshirt         Mitchell Sockyma

Students of the Month

September                   Britney Curley              Tristenn Neztsosie

October                       Brandi Bekay                 Cameron Neztsosie

November                   Nena Snake                  Blane Atene

December                    Uria Bitsinnie                Kris Ketchum

January                         Delaney Yoe                 Arnoldo Sonnie

February                      Elisha Brown                Jonathan Redshirt

March                          Letisha Benally              Cody Russell

April                             Jeneka George              Garrette Begay

May                              Shantel Smith               Mitchell Sockyma


Most Improved Students:                Elisha Brown                Blane Atene

Most Outstanding Student:             Shantel Smith


Honor Roll

Richfield Residential Hall Honor Roll

First Quarter 2013/2014

High Honor Roll 3.5 to 4.0

Lorenda Burns 3.86

Ashley Kaye 3.83

Cattarina Chase 3.76

Chantz Harvey 3.73

Calsie Sockyma 3.67

Elisha Brown 3.61

Shantel Smith 3.53

Honor Roll 3.0 to 3.49

Ethan Harvey 3.43

Dharshina Arizona 3.40

Jimaul Harvey 3.38

Dannielle Sam 3.38

Jenaye Harvey 3.33

Jerel Crank 3.33

Maurenna Billie 3.28

Letisha Benally 3.27

Dominique Johnson 3.14

Summer Sonnie 3.14

Blane Atene 3.13

Tamara Butler 3.10

Wolfgang Martinez 3.10

Shawna Williams 3.10

Jaysiah Yazzie 3.10

Christie Richards 3.05

Larren James 3.00

Elijah Stanley 3.00


2nd Quarter

High Honor Roll (3.50 to 4.0)

Cattarina Chase 3.86

Chantz Harvey 3.71

Elisha Brown 3.67

Lorenda Burns 3.67

Shantel Smith 3.62

Ashley Kaye 3.61

Nena Snake 3.59

Honor Roll (3.0 to 3.49)

Dannielle Sam 3.48

Letisha Benally 3.46

Dharshina Arizona 3.38

Shawna Williams 3.29

Calsie Sockyma 3.24

Wolfgang Martinez 3.19

Jerel Crank 3.14

Tamara Butler 3.10

Jimaul Harvey 3.10

Marian Tallman 3.10

Amber Thomas 3.10

Zantana Tallman 3.05

Alexandria George 3.00

Larren James 3.00

Summer Sonnie 3.00

Kurif Yazzie 3.00


3r Qtr/Benchmark

High Honor Roll (3.50 to 4.0)

Cattarina Chase 3.90

Elisha Brown 3.81

Shawna Williams 3.76

Calsie Sockyma 3.67

Shantel Smith 3.60

Honor Roll (3.0 to 3.49)

Letisha Benally 3.44

Wolfgang Martinez 3.43

Delaney Yoe 3.43

Chantz Harvey 3.39

Alexandria George 3.38

Marian Tallman 3.38

Larren James 3.33

Ashley Kaye 3.33

Dannielle Sam 3.33

Kiyla Butler 3.28

Christie Richards 3.28

Jonathan Redshirt 3.24

Zantana Tallman 3.24

Kurif Yazzie 3.24

Taylor Hosteen 3.19

Sequoia Koory 3.19

Molly Byjoe 3.14

Andy Crank 3.10

Nena Snake 3.10

Amber Thomas 3.10

Dharshina Arizona 3

Tamara Butler 3


4th Qtr/2nd Sem

High Honor Roll

Serida Slim 3.89

Shantel Smith 3.83

Sierra Sherlock 3.72

Dharshina Arizona 3.71

Lorenda Burns 3.71

Chantz Harvey 3.71

Ariana Mego 3.67

Dannielle Sam 3.62

Matt Thompson 3.62

Warren Thomas 3.53



Honor Roll

Brianna Littleman 3.48

Elisha Brown 3.45

Ashley Kaye 3.38

Zach Welch 3.33

Elijah Stanley 3.29

Wolfgang Martinez 3.24

Abby Smallcanyon 3.24

Andreesen Crank 3.19

Tristenn Neztsosie 3.19

Kyralynda Yazzie 3.19

Kyle Cozad 3.14

Letisha Yazzie 3.14

Jazmie Smallcanyon 3.10

Denise Adson 3.05

Cody Lee 3.05

Ethan Holiday 3.00


Highest Overall GPA for the girls:             Cattarina Chase            3.86

Highest Overall GPA for the boys:            Chantz Harvey             3.61


 2013-2014 student fun awards

Arizona,   Dharshina 7 dwarfs- happy, rhs cross country
Begaye,   Shalice Say cheese
Bekay,   Brandi Queen of questions
Benally,   Letisha 7 dwarfs- sleepy
Billie,   Cheyenne Tiny dancer
Billie,   Maurenna Undisputed champ of coffee  consumption, rhs softball
Bitsinnie,   Uria Snickers- always making people laugh
Brown,   Elisha The thinker- best problem solver
Butler,   Kiyla The way with words- loves to talk and   have an audience
Butler,   Tamara Sticking it out
Byjoe,   Molly Walk the walk
Chase,   Cattarina 7 dwarfs- grumpy
Crank,   Andreesen Band aid- most accident prone
Curtis,   Requel The survivor- struggled but always   made it through
Descheny, Schaielyn Almond joy- always happy, rhs   basketball
George,   Alexandria Skore- most athletic, rhs soccer, rhs   softball
George,   Jeneka Good sportsmanship, sshs softball
George,   Shania Eye am unique
Jensen,   Tara Turquoise rose
Johnson,   Dominique Marble award- marble-ous job
Kaye,   Ashley 110%- giving her best and then some
Koory,   Sequoia Rez baller
Littleman,   Brianna Eewe champion
Long,   Valyncia 7 dwarfs- doc
Maloney,   Lynelle Fashion forward award- unique style
Manson,   Aubrey Big heart
Richards,   Christie Dynamite
Sam,   Dannielle RRH award
Smith,   Shantel Mathlete
Snake,   Nena Culturally talented
Sockyma,   Calsie Future teacher
Sonnie,   Summer Hummingbird award
Tallman,   Marian Miss manners
Tallman,   Zantana Prettiest hair
Thomas,   Amber Miss responsible
Williams,   Shawna Cutest smile
Yazzie,   Deandra Dude, sir, man…
Yazzie,   Joanna 7 dwarfs- sneezy
Yazzie,   Kurif Emily Dickinson- best poems
Yazzie,   Kyralynda Ayeehe award- female Navajo in-law
Yoe,   Delaney bookworm


Atene,   Blane Payday- often looking for money
Avery,   Deion New haircut…or new student?
Begay,   Garrette 7 dwarfs- dopey
Begay,   Joshuawn Let my hands do the talking
Crank,   Jerel The funny bone- good sense of humor
Denny,   Andre King of questions
Harvey,   Chantz Adane’ award- male Navajo in-law
Harvey,   Ethan Mystery man
Holiday,   Ethan Guitar hero
Hosteen,   Taylor 7 dwarfs- bashful
Interpreter,   Lee But I have no homework
James,   Karlyle Die hard batman fan
James,   Kyle Best comedian
James,   Larren Major pain
Ketchum,   Kris DJ ketchum, sshs soccer
Luna,   Jason Band aid- most accident prone, rhs football, rhs soccer
Martinez,   Wolfgang One man wolf pack
Neztsosie,   Cameron Happy helper
Neztsosie,   Tristenn Awesome artist
Neztsosie,   Tyler Mister Manners
Redshirt,   Jonathan RRH award
Roan-Fisher,   Sage Heading to Hollywood
Russell,   Cody Ladies’ man
Skow,   Kyle Quietest worker
Sloan,   Marwood Never a dull moment
Sockyma,  Mitchell Culturally talented
Sonnie,   Arnoldo Kindest kid, sweetest sib
Welch,   Zachary Three musketeer- always there to   support friends
Willie,   Wyatt Million award- to say thanks a million
Yazzie,   Avery Life saver- always willing to help
Yazzie,   Jaysiah Most interesting attitudes


Graduating seniors awards:

Letisha Benally-RHS                                                     Blane Atene-RHS

Maurenna Billie-RHS                                                    Andre Denny-RHS

Molly Byjoe-SSHS                                                        Chantz Harvey-RHS

Requel Curtis-SSHS                                                     Cody Russell-RHS

Dominique Johnson-RHS                                           Marwood Sloan-RHS

Ashley Kaye-SSHS                                                        Zachary Welch-SSHS

Valyncia Long-SSHS                                                    Jaysiah Yazzie-SSHS

Christie Richards-RHS

Shantel Smith-RHS

Deandra Yazzie-SSHS

Kyralynda Yazzie-SSHS


Survival of the Fittest- 4 years attendance at RRH

Maurenna Billie                                                             Cody Russell

Dominique Johnson                                                       Marwood Sloan

Ashley Kaye                                                                  Zachary Welch

Valyncia Long

Shantel Smith

Deandra Yazzie

Kyralynda Yazzie

Navajo Language                                                   Navajo Government

Dharshina Arizona                                                        Brandi Bekay

Cattarina Chase                                                             Uria Bitsinnie

Requel Curtis                                                                 Cattarina Chase

Schaielyn Descheny                                                       Requel Curtis

Alexandria George                                                         Andre Denny

Shania George                                                               Schaielyn Descheny

Calsie Sockyma                                                             Shania George

Shawna Williams                                                           Tyler Neztsosie

Wyatt Willie                                                                  Jonathan Redshirt

Delaney Yoe                                                                  Dannielle Sam

Nena Snake

Delaney Yoe

Wyatt Willie (receiving credit fall 14)

Action Team Member Leadership Awards: Maurenna Billie, Zachary Welch, Blane Atene, Dannielle Sam, Kiyla Butler, Calsie Sockyma, Aubrey Manson, Amber Thomas, Mitchell Sockyma

High Five Drawing Winners:

Tamara Butler-Ipad Mini

Andy Crank- Google Chromebook

Shawna Williams- Skull Candy Ear Phones