The majority of these activities have been chosen and/or planned by students. If there are activities that you would like to see added to this calendar or inserted into next year’s calendar, please contact a staff member or get involved in The Action Team (Richfield Residential Hall Student Government).

Disclaimer: The following Activity Calendar is provided for reference only. While the Richfield Residential hall staff, administration, and governing board make every effort to ensure that wholesome and fun activities are planned and carried out on a regular basis, this does not constitute a binding document. As many of the activities included herein are subject to a variety of external factors, this calendar should be viewed as a tentative document that is subject to change. Activities may be added, deleted, substituted, or changed as circumstances (availability, funding, weather, etc.) dictate.

2020 - 2021 KEY DATES

  • August 17: Pick up students*
  • August 18: RRH Orientation / Richfield Area Tours / School Tours / Registration
  • August 19: First day of school
  • September 7: Labor Day – No school
  • October 16-20: Fall Recess*
  • November 25-29: Thanksgiving Recess*
  • December 22: End of 1st Semester (last day of school in 2020)
  • December 23 – January 5: Christmas Vacation*
  • January 6: School reconvenes
  • January 18: Martin Luther King Day – No school
  • February 15: Washington-Lincoln Day – No school
  • March 26-April 4: Spring Recess*
  • May 26: 9th – 11th Grade Students Return Home*
  • May 27: Senior Recognition Banquet
  • May 28: Last day of school; High school graduation*

* Students transported home for these holidays.