Don't Just Go to High School...

Get a head start on the life of your dreams! In addition to unparalleled high school academic offerings,Richfield Residential Hall students have access to college, career and technical education courses that are not available anywhere else. A few of these include: Robotics, Engineering, Veterinary Assistant, Biomedical Techniology, Sports Medicine, Digital Media, Website Design, Greenhouse Management, Welding, Construction, Natural Resouces, Emergency Medical Technician. Richfield Residential Hall students have access to over 50 college courses, 30 concurend enrollment courses and 15 different disciplines of career and technical education courses all in state of the art new facilities and a multi-cultural environment.  To comliment the academic offerings, Richfield Residential Hall students have access to a wide range of music, chorus, arts, athletics and other liberal education courses.

Richfield High School

Richfield High School, home of the Wildcats, is a short walk from Richfield Residential Hall and provides an excellent educational opportunities for approximately 700 students.


South Sevier High School

South Sevier High School is located in Monroe, Utah and is the home of the Rams. Monroe is a short 10 mile bus ride from Richfield Residential Hall and provides excellent educational opportunity for approximately 400 students.


Sevier Career and Technical Education Center

 The mission of the Sevier CTE Center is to provide high-quality programs, staffed by skilled educators, to enhance student learning and to help them become college and career ready.


We are committed to serving students by providing opportunities for them to realize their potential as contributing citizens and life-long learners.

Students who take advantage of this great opportunity will be prepared to further their education or to enter the workforce with the skills and experiences needed for success.

Snow College

RRH juniors and seniors have the unique opportunity to be dual enrolled in high school and Snow College! This is a huge head start on the degree and career of thier dreams! Snow College is consistently rated as one of the best colleges in America and it is right next door! Check them out!