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Unparalleled Education

RRH students have access to Richfield High School, South Sevier High School, Sevier Career and Technical Education Center and Snow College

Unique Opportunities

Experience the fun and excitement of living on your own during high school. You will meet incredible people and participate in a wide range of exciting activities.

Surprise Activity!

Today's surprise activity was planned by our A-Team. They held a Fear Factor competition with a few of our students who were up for a challenge. They had eight different challenges, and they were: "Dog Biscuit Relay," "Worm Relay," "Butter eating race," "Hot Snot...

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Food Drive

The Action Team (student council) organized a food drive to help needy families.  Action Team members Alexandria George, Amber Thomas, Rhyleigh Descheny, Emilee Sellers, Garrette Begay, Marissa Williams, Ryleigh Henry, and Danielle Seckletstewa took the food donated...

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Floriculture class is one of many classes at the Career, Technical, & Education (CTE) center.  The CTE center is located at Richfield High School and students from South Sevier, North Sevier, and Richfield High school have the opportunity to enroll in these...

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Feeling Grateful

It is that special time of year, when we all tend to spend a little extra time reflecting on the many blessings in our lives. Here at RRH, we are so grateful for the opportunity that we have to help so many amazing young people set and achieve the goals that will...

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Fall Vacation

As temperatures drop and the leaves change colors, it is quickly approaching the time for Fall Vacation.  Fall Vacation is the first of several vacations in which the dormitory closes and students are bused home to visit with family. Our students are all getting very...

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August School Board Meeting

The Richfield Residential Hall Governing Board and Administration will be holding a Regular Meeting on Friday, August 26, 2016. In accordance with open meeting laws, please click here <RRHGB 08-26-2016> to see the announcement, agenda and location of the August...

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Starting a New School Year

Summer is winding down and we are making final preparations for the arrival of our students next Monday. Staff are working hard to put the final touches on our campus and our training to ensure that we are all ready to make this the best year in RRH history! Everyone...

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