Elroy Watson

RRH Governing Board President (Kayenta, Oljato) Background: Son, Husband and Father Education: Shonto Boarding School, 1980 South Sevier High School, 1984 University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona Dine College, Kayenta Campus Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona Employment: Shonto Preparatory School. 1994- Current Trustee Navajo Preparatory School Board of Trustee, 2004-2012 Richfield Residential Hall Governing Board Member, 2013 – present Philosophy: Govern by example lead with principles handed down my ancestors and elders. Student First: Teach; Guide; Support; and Encourage

Denis Tsosie

RRH Governing Board Vice President (Lechee, Kaibeto) “I am Kinyionnie, born for Tlisilanni, Zuni Edgewater (grandfather clan), and Mexican clan (Nallie clan). I am a 1967 graduate of Richfield High School and Sevier Valley Tech. I attended school while staying at the Richfield Dormitory, a.k.a., Richfield Residential Hall from school years 1963 through 1967. I served as the student body president my senior year.” “My post high school educational experience was going to Long Beach City College in California where I gained an Associate’s degree in 1969.” “I have worked for Salt River Project at the Navajo Generating Station near Page, Arizona for the past 30 years. I operate the BM&LP Railroad locomotives and am actively involved with IBEW Local 266, where Iserved as its Assistant Business Agent from 2005 to 2010.” “I am actively involved in my community affairs as a school board representative for the LeChee and Kaibeto Chapters serving my first term. I enjoy the challenges and I am looking forward to serving a second term. Other past community positions held are LeChee Chapter President, Vice President, Community Land Use Planning member; Lake Powell Medical Center Board, Navajo United Way Board, Navajo Partnership for Housing Board, and Nalnishii Federation of Labor.” “I reside in the LeChee community and am a husband, father, grandfather, uncle, etc. I enjoy hiking, watching my grandchildren play sports. I am a serious proponent for education and want to see students from RRH receive the Chief Manuelito Scholarships during my tenure.”

Bill Cly

RRH Governing Board Secretary (Hardrock, Pinon, Tachee/BlueGap, Chinle Round Rock, Whippoorwill and Many Farms Chapters) Mr. Cly has been the served on the RRH Governing Board since 2005.  A graduate of the Richfield Residential Hall program, Mr. Cly says, “Coming home and representing my old school is exciting!” Mr. Cly has a lifetime history of service that includes countless roles of service in his church and to his people. He has been on the Curriculum Committee of Kayenta Unified School District and has acquired several instructor certifications, to include State of Arizona OSHA Outreach Instructor. A BYU graduate, Mr. Cly currently serves the people in his employment for Kayenta Township. With a strong drive to develop the youth, he says of his School Board role, “My time is spent on worthwhile goals for our leaders of tomorrow.”

Nora Tallman

RRH Governing Board Member (Tuba City, Cameron) Ms. Tallman has served the students, parents, and staff of Richfield Residential Hall since 2005. Her passion for improving the educational opportunities for Navajo youth is evident in her extensive service to schools and community service organizations. For the past seven years, Ms. Tallman has continuously served in multiple school board positions. These include her present roles as a member of the Richfield Residential Hall School Board and the Western Navajo Agency School Board, as well as previous positions as Vice President of Kaibeto Boarding School Board and Executive Board Member of the Navajo Area School Board Association. Ms. Tallman has also served her people through extensive community service to include roles as a community educator, crisis counselor, community services coordinator, as well as multiple roles within the Navajo Area Agency on Aging. She says of this experience, “Over the last fifteen years I have had extensive work which has given me insight into the need for more and better education for our young people. I have seen firsthand the problems associated with limited education and economic resources. Many of those problems can be made less severe through more and better educational opportunity. It is for that reason that I choose to serve as a school board member.”

Cody D. Workman

RRH Executive Director Mr. Workman has been involved with Richfield Residential Hall since 1999, serving in a variety of positions, to include Counselor, Academic Director and Assistant Director. He was appointed as Executive Director of the program in 2007. Mr. Workman received his BS in Psychology from Westminster College of Salt Lake City, his MS in Counseling Psychology from Utah State University, and post graduate credits in Clinical Psychology from multiple institutions. Mr. Workman has excelled in his work with adolescents for over a decade and is a nationally recognized and highly sought after speaker, trainer and consultant. He has trained parents, youth, administrators, staff and governing boards in conferences and work sessions across the country in how to more successfully guide adolescents to realizing their full potential. Mr. Workman has helped thousands of adolescents to improve their interpersonal relationships and recognize their true worth and potential. Mr. Workman is passionate about providing the best educational and social growth opportunities to the students of Richfield Residential Hall. He says that he works at Richfield Residential Hall because, “I love working with teens. It is the most exciting time in our lives. Everything that we will become stems from the decisions we make as teens. I hope to be able to help some of these young adults to realize their potential so that they can achieve their dreams.” According to Mr. Workman, one of the most enjoyable parts of working at Richfield Residential Hall is, watching students develop, work for, and achieve their goals and dreams. Mr. Workman is a proud veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, where he had the privilege and honor of leading hundreds of soldiers in multiple overseas combat and contingency operations. Mr. Workman was recognized as an Honor Graduate in the Warrior Leader Course, Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course, Field Artillery Officer Basic Course, and Captain’s Career Course. He is also a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College. He is a two-time Bronze Star recipient for his service in Iraq and was selected as the Residential CEO of the Year by the Bureau of Indian Education in 2010. Mr. Workman enjoys watching RRH students participate in school sports and activities, and working with the families of RRH students. In his free time, he enjoys motocross, weight-lifting, rock climbing, running, biking, scuba diving, being outdoors, and doing just about anything with his wife and two children.

Diane Pierce

Business Manager Diane has been a member of the Richfield Residential Team since 1992. Being from Monroe, Utah, she had many friends from RRH when she was in high school. Now Diane has the opportunity of sharing stories of their friendship with the children of her former classmates who now reside at the Residential Hall. Diane holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Management through Utah State University.  Diane and her husband Rob have five children (4 sons and 1 daughter), and she is so proud of her 6 beautiful grandchildren.  Diane’s favorite part of being at Richfield Residential Hall is, watching a student succeed into something that they did not think they could do. She says, “I love working with students and their families. It makes my day to hear their success stories; before, during, and after.”  Being the first point of contact that students and their families have with Richfield Residential Hall, Diane always tries to make the transition to our program easy and enjoyable.  If you talk with Diane once, you know that you have a friend here, and that your student is in great hands. When asked why someone should consider coming to school here, Diane says, “Richfield Residential Hall opens so many doors; not only in education, but life in general. I have seen so many great things happen while here at Richfield Residential Hall. You won’t be disappointed! We have so much to offer, and our motto says it all: Learn today, lead tomorrow!”

Rick Brunson

Facility Manager Rick joined the Richfield Residential Hall in 2018. Previously Rick was the Equine Programs Director as well as the Training Supervisor at Sorenson’s Ranch School in Koosharem UT. Rick believes that every person has value and has something to add to their community and that each person owes a debt of gratitude to their ancestors who have provided a path for them. Ricks goals while at RRH are to provide the students with a clean, comfortable, and safe environment where they can prepare themselves to achieve their dreams and be a positive addition to their future communities. Rick grew up in the small Utah town of Fillmore, UT. He loved horses from an early age and realized the truth in Winston Churchill’s quote, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” After high school graduation and studies at SUSC he spent the rest of his early adult years in the Air Force where he was a veteran of Desert Storm. Rick was recognized as a Distinguished Graduate of his Airman Leadership School class and became a NCO before being honorably discharged. Rick loved learning the traditions and customs of other cultures while in the Air Force, and to this day he is always seeking to find what makes each culture great. But as he traveled the globe he always looked forward to coming home on leave and riding his horse into the mountains to find that peaceful feeling that was missing in the world. After the service Rick began a successful career in the livestock transportation industry as a safety supervisor for a trucking company. During his 14 year tenure he was responsible for keeping a fleet of nearly 60 trucks maintained and operating safely. After many years in the business world Rick had the opportunity to join the equine program at Sorenson’s Ranch. This was the positive change Rick was looking for in life, finally a chance to work with teenagers and horses, two of his passions in life. Rick became certified in the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) modality of mental health treatment and practiced daily with students who benefited from time with horses. As a supervisor he cared for the daily needs of the students to make sure they had the best chance at success. Whether it was a clean and safe living area or activities set up on campus, Rick always made sure the students had everything he could provide to help them be successful in their daily lives. Rick and his wife Marci are the proud parents of five children, three of which are grown and have left home. He lives in the small town of Aurora UT with his wife and two remaining children. In his spare time Rick enjoys riding horses with his family, spending time outdoors, and coaching wrestling at the local high school.

Beatriz Quitco

Counselor Beatriz Quitco joined Richfield Residential Hall in 2009. She was previously employed with Central Utah Counseling Center before joining the RRH team. Beatriz was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States at a young age. She lived briefly in New Jersey and later moved to Utah. Because of her own diverse background, she has a respect and love of culture and enjoys learning about Native American traditions. Beatriz is a graduate of North Sevier High School. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with honors from Utah State University and her Master’s of Education degree in Psychology also from Utah State University. Beatriz has served the students and families of Richfield Residential Hall in a variety of positions, including: Homeliving Assistant, Activities Director and Action Team Advisor. She currently serves as the Counselor and continues her duties as the senior staff advisor to the A-team (Student Council). She manages the “High Five” behavior contingency management program at Richfield Residential Hall. Beatriz also shares her love of reading and runs a popular book club.  Beatriz believes in life-long learning where individuals should never settle for stagnation. Because of this she has an appreciation for Richfield Residential Hall. About the students and the program Beatriz states, “I have always been passionate about education. The value it contains, the respect it merits, and the character it adds to an individual are only a few benefits . Guidance and motivation are significant factors to success and Richfield Residential hall nurtures those aspects. I love the moment I see a student succeed and continue to follow that path. That moment creates a passion for industry and hunger for growth. I’m proud to know the students I work with and I’m excited to hear about their contributions later in life.” Beatriz resides with her family in Sevier County.  She especially loves being a homemaker, learning new things and spending time with her husband and 2 children.

Sylvia Nielson

Academic Director Raised in Richfield, Sylvia was born for the Folded Arm Clan and born into the Reed People Clan. After spending much of her childhood at Richfield Residential Hall (where her parents worked), it was a natural transition for her to come back following her graduation from college. Sylvia holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Counseling. She also worked for two years at Tuba City Boarding School, and is “currently raising a husband and teenage daughter.” A compassionate and hard-working asset to RRH for over 16 years now, Sylvia says, “I find my job very rewarding and I enjoy the time I spend with the students and staff.” Her favorite part about working here is “all the many wonderful surprises that happen each day. . . it makes work fun.” When asked why someone should consider coming to Richfield Residential Hall, Sylvia says, “If you want a good education and want to be around fun and positive people, this is where you want to be.”

Glenn Begay, Jr

Dormitory Manager 

Since graduating from Richfield High School through the RRH program in 1992 Glenn Begay entered the workforce with insights that he gained in how to obtain successful career goals. At the age of 46 Glenn has retired from careers in law enforcement and the military.

During high school Glenn enlisted in the Utah National Guard with the 2nd of 222nd Field Artillery where he served for 22 years retiring in 2010. During his time with the National Guard Glenn was a Staff Sergeant as Howitzer Section Chief/Squad Leader and enjoyed the position so much because he enjoyed mentoring young soldiers into leaders. Glenn is a two time Iraq combat veteran in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn.

In conjunction with serving a military career Glenn started a law enforcement endeavor as a San Juan County Deputy sheriff where he primarily patrolled on the Utah portion of the Navajo Reservation handling calls for the Navajo Tribe, San Juan County and the State Of Utah. Glenn was also assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigations-Utah Navajo Violent Crimes Task Force as a Deputy U.S. Marshal where he handled investigations of Federal Felony Crimes committed on the Utah Navajo Reservation.
With the encouragement of friends from the Utah Highway Patrol Glenn sought a career for the next twenty years as a State Trooper. As a State Trooper Glenn enjoyed being a Field Training Officer (FTO) where alike his military career enjoyed training young police officers to be successful in their duties. He also was a Survival Tactics Instructor training Troopers how to encounter critical situations.

Glenn has received training as a First Line Supervisor with the Peace Officer Standards and Training and graduated from the Primary Leadership Development Course with the Utah Military Academy. He also graduated from Herzing University (Summa Cum Laude) with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a Concentration in Supervision and Management.
Glenn and his wife Tressie reside in Gunnison Utah “Living the American Dream” as he says. When he has spare time he enjoys reloading bullets, long range shooting, keeping his family’s vehicles running as a mechanic, and riding his UTV in the mountains.


Academic Assistant Richfield Residential Hall College and Career Prep is currently seeking qualified applicants for this position. Learn more by clicking Join the Team!!!

Sophie Adison

Homeliving Assistant Raised on the campus of Richfield Residential Hall, Sophie has been involved with RRH for most of her life. She has served our students and their families as the Sevier School District Title VII (Indian Education) Coordinator for several years. She joined the Richfield Residential Hall team as a full time Homeliving Assistant in 2014. In her own words… I am Bit’ahnii (Folded Arms Clan) born for the L0k’aa’ (Reed People).  I have lived in Richfield most of my life. I started school at Ashman Elementary and graduated from Richfield High School. I have four amazing children, two beautiful granddaughters and one handsome grandson.  They are the loves of my life and I enjoy spending time with each and every one of them.  They all have a great sense of humor, which keeps me young and going! I have worked with Native American students and families of Sevier School District as the Title VII Education Coordinator for the past eight years. I also work at the Richfield Public Library as the Native American Resource Coordinator/Librarian, and for the Drug Elimination Program (DEP); a youth afterschool program for the Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah, Koosharem Band. I thoroughly enjoy working with our students in the local schools. I appreciate being a small part of their lives and watching them succeed. I enjoy watching comedies, reading, fishing, traveling and of course, my grandkids!  I love laughing with my friends and family, going to rodeos and watching BYU Women’s volleyball. I can’t express enough how valuable and important culture and language is in our everyday lives. The positive choices we make in life will keep us in balance and in harmony.   I myself continue to learn about my culture and language, I know I can learn more from the students and staff as well.  I look forward to this new journey in my life with great enthusiasm.

Byron Allen

Homeliving Assistant Byron joined the RRH team in 2017.

LaToya Clark

Homeliving Assistant

Yá’át’ééh Shidine’é. Shí éi  La Toya Lynn Clark yinishyé. Tachii’nii nishlí Tl’izilani báshíshchíní. Hello, my name is La Toya Lynn Clark I am of the Red Running Into The Water Clan and born for Many Goats Clan. I attended South Sevier High School my freshman and sophomore year (2000-2002) and attended Richfield High School my junior and senior year (2002-2004). Growing up I have always been in a dorm on the Navajo reservation, I went to Kayenta Boarding School, where I was promoted in 2000, and decided to head out here to Richfield Utah to attend the high school here. It was the best decision I ever made in my life because coming here was a wonderful experience. Education was, and still is one of the top priorities here at Richfield Residential Hall and the students that come here become family. That is one of the greatest things I love about RRH, the staff here spend their time working hard every day to make the dorm not only a safe environment but a place that we, previous and new students, can call home.

I’ve always been amazed with the people that spend their time every day with us; they become our teachers and even better, they become closer to you like our mothers, fathers, grandmas, and grandpas. They are the people that we children look up to for guidance, teachings, and life learning lessons. Our parents are our first teachers, the staff that are working within these facilities also become those teachers in our lives as well. They are the ones that will continue to show us how to be responsible and respectful.  To show us every day new things that will help us with our own lives after high school, we learn the values of keeping our homes clean and down to the smallest things like; managing our time, laundry, helping our fellow students with homework, etc. To be a part of this team as a Homeliving Assistant, my goal is to continue to help the students reach their success in education by making sure they have a safe and clean environment. Also, be there for their needs; mentally, physically, and spiritually. Just like all the people who work at the different dormitories across the Navajo Nation, I want to make a difference in a child’s life by being here; letting them know we are here and we care. I appreciate all the men and women in my life for helping in shaping me to be the person that I am today. Thank you for the opportunity! Let’s make each school year great!!

Georgianna Craig

Homeliving Assistant Georgie is from Crown Point, New Mexico, and has been a valuable member of the Richfield Residential Hall family for over 24 years. She was born for the Folded Arms Clan, and born into the Towering House Clan. Georgie is a lifelong learner and is currently furthering her education at Snow College. She has attended many workshops on motivation, drugs, abuse, etc. She has raised her own children in this area, and says you should consider Richfield Residential Hall because, the staff love what they are doing and really care about the students and their progress and happiness. She says that she works here “to make a difference in a student’s life; they are our future.” Her favorite thing about working at Richfield Residential Hall is, “Each day is a new experience. I enjoy watching the students progress, and I enjoy interacting with them.” Georgianna has a great attitude and enjoys teasing the students in their native Navajo language.

Angelina Herrera

Homeliving Assistant

Better known by the students as “Grandma,” Angie has been with Richfield Residential Hall since the mid 1980’s. Angie was born for the One Walks Around Clan and born into the Bitter Water Clan in Nageezi, New Mexico. Angie set a powerful example of the importance of learning for our students when she attended college alongside many of our students as she earned her Associate Degree.

Angie has also raised five children who are all now married. She says she works here because she “hopes and wants to change a life for the better,” and cites her greatest reward in the job being everyone’s “Grandma.” Grandma says, “I feel that this area has the utmost educational program. There’s a lot of guidance from all areas to help every student succeed. I speak Navajo and am always willing to teach culture. We enjoy getting together doing crafts and learning more. I’m always willing to listen, support, and be there for a student.” Though Grandma spends a lot of her time teaching culture and making frybread for her “grandkids” at RRH, she also enjoys spoiling her own grandkids on her days off. Angie served as the Dormitory Manager of Richfield Residential Hall for over 20 years. In 2016, she accepted a position that would allow her to do more of what she truly loves: work with the students on a daily basis. She is looking forward to doing less paperwork and more crafts with the kids than she was able to do in her previous position.

Ryne Richards

Homeliving Assistant Ryne was born in Okinawa, a small island which lies in the East China Sea between Japan and Taiwan.  He spoke the Ryukyu language at home and in the community.  In elementary school, his education was conducted in the Japanese language.  With the death of his mother, he was adopted at the age of nine by Mr. and Mrs. Richards, an American couple stationed at Kadena Air Force Base.  On his 10thbirthday, he came to the United States and grew up mainly in California.  He went to Brigham Young University in Utah and majored in elementary education and Japanese language.  He was an elementary school teacher in northern Utah and a high school teacher in Everett, Washington.  The last 20 years, he was a college instructor in Japan teaching English as a second language and English composition.  With his love for trout fishing and a desire to work with high school students, he feels that he is very fortunate to be able to work at Richfield Residential Hall in central Utah.  He has two married daughters in Italy and in Oregon, a son serving in the Army in Texas and a daughter attending Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah and three grandchildren in Oregon.  He is eager to teach Japanese to the RRH students and also to learn Diné bizaad from the students and staff.

Marlene Stewart

Nancy McKinlay

Foodservice Director

Nancy joined the Richfield Residential Hall team in 2011 as a Homeliving Assistant. She is of the Salt Clan and was raised in Elsinore, UT (8 miles south of Richfield). Nancy has a degree in business and has been continuing her education by taking education classes at Snow College Richfield, with a goal of earning a degree in education as well. Nancy raised two daughters who were involved in competitive cheerleading. Nancy was involved in their activities and assisted in chaperoning a trip to Nationals in California on several occasions. She enjoys volunteering at the elementary school with activities and numerous field trips; including the Gooseberry Outdoor Education program and camping trips. Nancy says, “My favorite part of working at RRH is definitely the students. I really enjoy hearing about their home and how happy they are when their parents notice the positive changes in school-work, chores and maturity that they develop while they are here. Seeing the pride in your child’s face is a great feeling. I know from personal experience that the schools here are excellent and our students have the opportunity to get a jump start towards their college credits.” She says she loves being a part of the Richfield Residential Hall team because, “All staff at RRH are dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and encourage cultural enhancements. The program also teaches independence in preparing for college settings and helps developeself motivation needed in all aspects of life. I graduated from South Sevier High School, and enjoyed being a member of the Drill Team and participating in pageants. I have 2 girls who I encourage to always participate in activities as much as you can and to use every situation as a learning experience. I advise the same with students at RRH. I believe support, discipline and courage to do what is right, as well as respect for our culture and family will help your child reach their full potential.” Nancy enjoys aerobic exercises and reading a wide range of books.

Stephanie Hall

Cook Stephanie was born and raised in the Sevier county area. She’s the proud mother of two Snow College graduates. A resident of Monroe Utah, she has worked the past 13 years as a cook at the south sevier senior center and is excited to be bringing that experience to RRH team. Her favorite part of being a member of the Richfield Residential Hall is knowing how much dedication the staff has in seeing each student reach their full potential. On her days off she enjoys the outdoors; hiking, fishing and spending time with her family. She loves to cook and has a passion for helping others.

Kelsee Wilson


Kelsee was raised in Sevier County in a family of seven daughters. This upbringing gave her the opportunity to learn many important and necessary life skills. Kelsee attended Richfield High School where she was heavily involved in 4-H In the 4H program, she served as a County Ambassador and as Miss 4-H for a year, along with completing hundreds of hours of community service. 

Kelsee is reliable and a hard worker and takes pride in her work. She has a strong work history in the foodservice industry and looks forward to contributing her skills and knowledge to the Richfield Residential Hall residents.
Kelsee married her best friend and love of her life in 2013 after dating for 6 years. She lives in Richfield with her husband, Justin, and their 3-year-old daughter, Emma. They love the outdoors and spending time together as a family. Kelsee. was hired July, 2019 as a Foodservice Worker and is very excited to be part of the team.


Homeliving Assistant Richfield Residential Hall College and Career Prep is currently seeking qualified applicants for this position. Learn more by clicking Join the Team!!!

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