1st Quarter Honor Roll 2008

With the arrival of cooler weather, comes the conclusion of the first grading period for Sevier School District schools. Congratulations to the following students for the hard work and dedication they put in to finish the term on Richfield Residential Hall’s Honor Roll and High Honor Roll.

1st Quarter High Honor Roll


GPA: 3.5+


Lucy Slick                               4.00

Serena Lane                            3.95

Dawn Bigman                        3.85

Althea John                            3.71

Nanabah Bizahaloni              3.66

Reetika Henry                        3.61


1st Quarter Honor Roll


GPA: 3.0 to 3.49


Terrilyn Crank                       3.47

LaShanda Dutchie                 3.47

Tyler Herder                          3.47

Ashley Clyde                         3.44

Tamiya Boone                       3.42

Brittney Etsitty                      3.42

Shane Sanderson                   3.42

Shaquira Begay                     3.38

Marlaina Yazzie                    3.38

Shadow Mann                        3.33

Trevina Greymtn                    3.25

Holly Johnson                       3.23

Tiffany Zahne                        3.23

Brittney Harvey                     3.19

Jeraline Russell                     3.19

Tanielle Yazzie                      3.19

Kiana Woody                         3.14

Trevor Benally                       3.13

Danielle Kaye                        3.09

Merle Watchman                   3.09


Each of these students will participate in a special activity (to be announced soon) to celebrate this impressive accomplishment. Keep up the great work, it is worth it!

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