2008 – 2009 Student Council

Members of the RRH Student Council are elected by the student-body. Students have to apply for these highly sought-after positions and are then allowed to campaign for their positions. Elections were recently held, and we would like for you to:

  Meet our 2008 - 2009 Student Council!




President:  Shane Sanderson 


Parents:  Bernice & Harrison Curley

Hometown:  Gallup, New Mexico

Clans:  Born into Tangle People, born for Bitter Water

Grade/School:  9th grade, Richfield High

Hobbies:  Playing the clarinet in the RHS band, serving on the RHS

                 yearbook committee, listening to music all the time, and love to

                 work with computers.


Vice-President:  Kiana Woody


Parents:  Lenora & Elmer Woody

Hometown:  Tuba City

Clans:  Born into Big Water, born for Black Streak Wood

Grade/School: 10th / Richfield High

Hobbies:  Playing softball!



Secretary:  Gabby George


Parents:  Albert & Marietta George

Hometown:  Leupp

Clans:  Born into Coyote Pass, born for Black Streak Wood

Grade/School:  12th / Richfield High

Hobbies:  Listening to music, having fun, and enjoying every day.



 Treasurer:  Kathleen Ahasteen


Parents:  Alethia Dawn & Frank Stanley

Hometown:  Kayenta


Grade/School:  12th/ R-I-C-H-F-I-E-L-D  HIGH

Hobbies:  Make movies, play sweetheart songs of my own on my guitar, pick

                 on my brothers, hang out with my friends, watch Superman and    

                 cartoons, eat KIX.



Senior RepresentativeVanessa Clark




Parents:  Ella & Wayne Clark

Hometown:  Tuba City

Clans:  Born into Manygoats, born for Salt People

Grade/School:  12th/ Richfield High

Hobbies:  Play basketball and volleyball, enjoy running, & watching movies.



Junior RepresentativeAlzado Jones


Parents:  Cornelia Jones

Hometown:  Red Valley


Grade/School:  11th/ Richfield High

Hobbies:  Talk people, love to smile, like to watch movies, enjoy going on

                 My Space, and enjoy each day!


 Sophomore Representative:  Markita Manygoats



Parents:  Marilyn Manygoats & Benjamin Smith

Hometown:  Tuba City

Clans:  Born into Red Running into the Water People, bornFor Deer Springs

Grade/School:  10th/ Richfield High

Hobbies:  Basketball, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, playing

                football, listening to music, and I love hanging out with my family!


 Freshmen Representative:  Nanabah Bizahaloni



Parents:  Betty Bizahaloni & Dennis Jim

Hometown:  Pinon

Clans:  Born into Coyote Pass, Born for Zuni Edge Water

Grade/School:  9th/ South Sevier High

Hobbies:  Playing soccer for SSHS, reading, football, talking to myself, and

                 making fun of my sister.



Freshmen RepresentativeJanet Smith


Parents:  Allison & Elvin Lynch (aunt & uncle)

Hometown:  Kayenta

Clans:  Born into Bitterwater, Born for Deer Springs

Grade/School:  9th / Richfield High

Hobbies:  Skating, biking, and surfing on the internet.Also, chasing the

                 GUYS!  Just Kidding ….lol!  Or, just getting hyper at the dorm!


Special thanks to Mrs. Sylvia Nielson for serving as the Staff Advisor to the Student Council. You rock, Sylvia!

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