2008 4th Quarter Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following students for putting in the hard work and effort required to make the Honor Roll for the final quarter of the 2007-2008 school year. While others were slacking off and daydreaming about summer vacation, you were working hard and keeping academics your priority. That lesson will always serve you well. Now… enjoy your summer. You earned it!


Alton Chee (3.83)

Althea John (3.76)

Serena Lane (3.76)

Kiana Woody (3.72)

Dawn Bigman (3.67)

Trevina Greymountain (3.57)

HONOR ROLL (GPA: 3.00 – 3.49)

Dennisha Bradley (3.48)

Ashley Clyde (3.45)

Clarenda Begaye (3.33)

Leandra Descheenie (3.33)

Rachel Ellis (3.33)

View Russell (3.22)

Dedrick Hoschain (3.19)

Fabien Toledo (3.19)

Jordan Yazzie (3.17)

Markita Manygoats (3.14)

Doreen Johnson (3.10)

Candice Bekay (3.05)

Riva Chief (3.05)

Abraham Isaac (3.05)

Merle Watchman (3.00)

Staci DeMarrias (3.00)

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