2009/2010 Student Council

LeCallin Cly, President
LeCallin is the son of Woody & Katherine Cly of Kayenta, Arizona. He is a senior at South Sevier High School. Other names he’s known by: Eagle Heart, Mr. Prez, Arrow in Black, Black Cloud, or American Indian Male Model. Favorite TV shows: the History channel. Favorite foods: mutton with frybread. Favorite smells: Men’s cologne and the smell of home. Hobbies: basketball & volleyball, marital arts. After high school, he would like to attend college.
Markita Manygoats, Vice President
Markita is the daughter of Marilyn Manygoats & Benjamin Smith, Sr., from Tuba City, Arizona.
Also, she would like to add that she loves her grandma Etta Manygoats. She is a junior at Richfield High School. Favorite movies: “Juice” and all of Tyler Perry’s movies. Favorite foods: loves to eat her mom’s cooking and loves CANDY, especially chocolate candy. Favorite smells: cocoa butter lotion, rain, wet sand, Japanese cherry blossoms. Hobbies: playing basketball with friends, loves to smile and have fun! She wants to make it through her junior year with all its struggles. She tells herself, “You made it this far, you’re almost finished, you can do it!”
Lucy Slick, Treasurer
Lucy is the daugther of George & Lucinda Slick of Shonto, Arizona. She is a sophomore at Richfield High School. Favorite TV shows: That 70’s Show, 2 1/2 Men, the Simpsons, etc. Favorite Food: Hominy Stew. Favorite Smell: wet sand. Hobbies: volleyball, drawing, writing stories & poems, pool, and texting. She hopes to continue to get good grades and getting involved in many extracurricular activities.
Althea John, Secretary & Photgrapher
Althea is the daughter of Eugenia Byjoe and Patrick John. She is a senior at South Sevier High School. Favorite tv shows: That 70’s show, 2 1/2 Men. Favorite food: mashed potatoes. Favorite smells: the dark room–photography chemicals, such as developer and fixer. (She’s a photographer folks!) Hobbies: photography, helping people, being in charge. Althea has participated in photography workshops in Kentucky and Oklahoma, attended a journalism workshop in Albuquerque, and was an intern photographer for the Navajo Times this past summer. She still takes pictures for the Navajo Times, so look for her name under the photographs.
Jaclyn Boone, Senior Representative & Photographer

Kiana Woody, Junior Representative

Shelton Benally, Sophomore Representative
Shelton is the son of Lorenzo & Lucinda Benally of Kirtland, New Mexico. He is a sophomore at Richfield High School. Favorite tv shows: Scrubs, Naruto, Whose Line is it Anyways, etc. Favorite Food: All foods are okay because he is interested in attending culinary arts school. Favorite smells: rain & the smell of a certain girl I have not seen in quite a while.
Hobbies: playing with my hair, reading, guitar hero, puzzles, etc. Shelton’s vision of the future: Teaching his grandchildren what he learned from his grandparents and, in his own words, “I can see it now, my long white hair flowing with the wind, as I ride my Harley to my hogan in the desert, wearing a leather jacket saying Navajo Marine Veteran. I will be a built old man like both my cheii and nalai, also with a tatoo saying I LOVE MY WIFE! Yeah, that is what I want to accomplish in life.”
Jaysun Ahasteen, Freshmen Representative
Jayson is the son of Alethia and Frank Stanley of Kayenta, Arizona. He is a freshmen at Richfield High School. Favorite tv shows: Family Guy, That 70’s Show, Friends. Favorite foods: pizza, lasagne, spaghetti. Favorite smells: midnight, pomegranate, a Monster Drink. Hobbies: skating & drawing. He would like to accomplishment many things in his life, too he couldn’t write them all down.

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