3 Mile Run

On the late morning of Sunday the 29th, students lined up to compete in the annual 3 mile run.  This year marks the 33rd annual anniversary of the run which RRH students have long looked forward to as a tradition to test their stamina and speed.

Students lined up a the starting line right outside the gates of the Residential Hall.  The course stretched along Technology Road leading past the college and towards the commercial gas stations and restaurants.  Students hit the halfway point at Kentucky Fried Chicken and raced back along the course to check in and receive their time in front of the Residential Hall building.

Among the students who participated included: Letisha Benally, Danielle Sam, Shawna Williams, Dharshina Arizona, Mitchell Sockyma, Darren Lee, Kyle Skow, Ho’aka Austin, Marwood Sloan, Kyle Cozad, Ethan Holiday, Nolan Kjar (staff), Kyler Cozad, Taylor Hosteen, and Garrette Begay.

For the boys: Ho’aka Austin took first place and Kyle Cozad came at a close second.

For the girls: Dharshina Arizona took first place and Shawna Williams came in second.

-Darren Lee: 27.27.13

Arnoldo Sonnie: 24.13.79

Dannielle Sam: 28.53

Kyler Cozad: 29.43

Nolan Kjar (staff): 27.21.27

Ho’aka Austin: 23.36.08

Ethan Holiday: 33.47

Taylor Hosteen: 32.40

Letisha Benally: 44.10

Shawna Willimas: 29.11

Dharshina Arizona: 28.53

Garrette Begay: 28.34.50

Kyle Cozad: 23.51.76


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