4th Quarter (2006-2007) Honor Roll

We just received access to student records, and Mrs. Nielson has done the calculations to determine Honor Roll and High Honor Roll for 4th Quarter of the 2006-2007 school year. As we are restricted to the records of only those students who are currently enrolled in our program, the following list will not reflect last year’s seniors or students who did not return this year. Congratulations to the following students for all of their hard work:

HIGH HONOR ROLL (3.50 & Above)

Serena Lane (3.86)

Trevor Benally (3.81)

Cobi Brady (3.76)

Trevina Greymountain (3.67)

Dennisha Bradley (3.62)

Althea John (3.62)

Dawn Bigman (3.57)

Vanessa Clark (3.52)

Jennifer Boone (3.52)

HONOR ROLL (3.00 to 3.49)

Kimora Bizahaloni (3.45)

LeCallin Cly (3.43)

Tanielle Yazzie (3.29)

Travis Begaye (3.28)

Dedrick Hoschain (3.24)

Shane Mann (3.24)

Natasha Sloan (3.24)

Merle Watchman (3.24)

Gabby George (3.19)

Leon Jackson (3.19)

Jordan Yazzie (3.14)

Kathleen Ahasteen (3.10)

Riva Chief (3.10)

Candice Bekay (3.05)

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