A-Team Elections 2012!

A-Team hopefuls delivered their speeches Sunday morning to their classes asking for their votes.  A total of 16 students presented their hopes and ideas for the school year.  All candidates were present for each speech supporting their future team members.  Freshmen students Calsie Sockyma and Rendan Chief were the first to present their speeches, followed by the sophmores Lorenda Burns, Andreesen Crank, Dharshina Arizona, Shania George, and Malvina James.  Next junior students presented including Marwood Sloan, Valyncia Long, Ashley Kaye, Shantel Smith, and Dominique Johnson.   Last but not least, seniors Ariana Mego, Matthew Thompson, Harley Poorman, Nizhoni Brown, and Serida Slim (who could not attend due to work responsibility–speech delivered by Maurenna Billie) closed the elections.  Volunteer and A-Team member last year, Maurenna Billie, helped with the voting booth and made sure all students voted.  Students did a great job presenting themselves and practicing their public speaking skills!



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