A-Team End of Year Trip 2013

A-Team members have been very busy working hard this year for the RRH student body!  To thank them for all their efforts, all 8 A-Team members went on a End of Year Reward trip and participated in a fun filled day.  The trip began early at 8am when students left for Extreme Air Hang Time Trampoline in Orem, UT.  Students arrived around 10:30 am and received a great hour’s worth work out jumping off ledges, walls, and summersaulting into foam pits! With all the calories burned, the students felt up for lunch at McDonalds.   Next, the students left for the Brigham Young University Campus, located in Provo, Utah.  The students attended the Museum of Art and Culture’s annual Block Party.  The students were able to tour the museum and interact with guests and vendors at the block party and were treated to free kettle corn.  After, students were let loose in the Provo Towne Center for some laid back shopping.  They met up again for dinner and were treated to the Panda Express. After, all A-Team members went to the Cinemark Theater together at 5:45 pm where they watched the 3D version of “The Great Gatsby.”  Several of the students thought it was a great movie! Students boarded up for the trip back to Richfield and arrived back right before 11pm.    Thanks again to the A-Team for all their hard work.  A-Team students this year were: President Nizhon Brown, Senior Reps Matthew Thompson and Ariana Mego, Junior Reps Shantel Smith and Ashley Kaye, Sophomore Reps Lorenda Burns and Malvina James, and Freshman Rep Calsie Sockyma!

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