A-Team Leadership Conference

A-Team members had the opportunity to attend Utah Valley University’s Center for Leadership and Advancement annual Leadership conference.  The conference offers prominent workshops and well-known national speakers from around the country to  teach students leadership and service skills.  Members had the opportunity to interact with the state’s 900 student leaders.  The conference used to boast 3000 students a year, but this year the conference was selective with which students they invited to attend.  These students come from all over and are at the top of their leadership and academic programs within their respective high schools.  Students were also honored to have the opportunity to speak with the keynote speaker, Dr. Brad Wilcox, before he delivered his keynote speech.  He personally acknowledged Richfield Residential Hall students and their presence at the conference.   Dr. Wilcox stressed the importance of stepping up and making choices based on the leadership mentality and let go of the fears students have that limit their capacities.  Students broke off into their own individual workshops which were highly interactive.  Among the workshops included engaging in technology using smartphone and social media feed, another featured getting students to get up and dance learning how to step, another featured the use of drums and rhythm and required students to form a center point working in groups.  Other speakers spoke of communication, conflict management, and resolution strategies for student leaders with their peers.  Other leaders were invited to share their life experience such as UFC well known coach, Ricky Lundell.

The students had a great time and expressed their wishes to attend the conference again next  year!

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