A-Team Service Project at Mooney’s Animal Rescue

On April 6th, 2012, A-Team members completed their second service project at Mooney’s Animal Rescue.  The rescue boasts a numerous variety of animals that the owners kindheartedly take into their homes.  Animals included: cats, ducks, dogs, porcupines, cows, horses, donkeys, geese, turkey, chickens, quail, and pigs.  Majority of the animals found at Mooney’s are victims of abuse and neglect and as such become nervous with human contact.  A-Team members contributed by socializing animals during some “love time” where members fed animals, played with cats and dogs, and stroked the horses.  A-Team members also cleaned out cages, washed boxes, stalked food supplies, and re-filled cage downing.  The A-team enjoyed their time and found this service project a rewarding experience.

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