A Visit From Santa

On Thursday, December 20, 2007 Richfield Residential Students received a visit from a very unexpected guest. Santa Clause stopped by to talk with the students and give them treats. Just when students thought that Santa had forgotten about them, he made his grand entrance! With giggles and a little prodding, students crept up to greet Santa and make their Christmas wish!Click on the links next to the description to see the pictures.

Student Council members Deidra Greymountain, Candice Bekay, and Kimora Biazahaloni assist Santa in handing out a Christmas treat. christmas-07.JPG

Michael Saganitso visits with Santa. christmas-07-1.JPG

Chai (Mr. Adison) celebrates the news that he will be receiving a new roping horse for Christmas! christmas-07-2.JPG

Ashley Clyde discusses the meaning of life with the “Big Guy.” christmas-07-3.JPG

Shane Mann smiles as he recalls Christmases past with Santa. christmas-07-4.JPG

Waylon Goldtooth tries to get Santa into the moshing spirit! christmas-07-5.JPG

Valtina Begay explains item # 347 on her abbreviated Christmas list. christmas-07-6.JPG

Nikki King thanks Santa in advance of his big visit to Tonalea. christmas-07-7.JPG

Wayman Clark tells Santa a great story about his broken arm. christmas-07-8.JPG

Santa thinks… “Tia Jones… more sugar and caffeine, I gotta get out of here quick!”christmas-07-9.JPG

Miguel Redshirt has a tough time narrowing down the list. christmas-07-10.JPG

Merry Christmas from Richfield Residential Hall!!! Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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