Action Team Service Project At Stone Henge

The month of November marks the month for Native American Culture Awareness and what better time for Action Team members to provide a service project.  Members of the A-Team: Maurenna Billie, Blane Atene, Kiyla Butler, Dannielle Sam, Aubrey Manson, Calsie Sockyma, and Amber Thomas visited individuals at Stone Henge Rehabilitation and Nursing Home in Richfield, Utah on Thursday the 14th.  The group prepared a story to read to the residents entitled “The Seasons” a native story taken from the cultures of the Northwest regions regarding the creation of the four seasons.  Because the day’s service project was winter themed and the story was oriented about the creation of winter, the students also prepared a fun winter craft to go along with the story.  The students helped residents create snow man and snow penguin tree ornaments out of light bulbs. Residents and A-Team members had so much fun getting creative and visiting with one another.  Many of the individuals extended invitations for the students to  come back and return and students expressed their assignment at a potential adopt-a-grandparent program!  Overall the experience was not only fun, but rewarding for the Action Team. November marks the monthly theme of gratitude of Richfield Residential Hall and the students exuded that quality during their visit and were able to share a moment of thanks having the ability to spend time and serve others!


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