After Study Hall Activity: Glow-in-the-Dark Ring Toss

After studyhall activity– glow ring toss

The students enjoyed the glow in the dark ring toss held Thursday evening
after study hall. We had 37 students, 1 homeliving Assistant, and 1 tutor
that participated in this activity. The winners of the glow in the dark
ring toss were: Garrett Begay, Wolfgang Martinez, Karlyle James, Brianna
Littleman, Shalice Begaye, Shawna Williams, Ho’aka Austin, Shantel Smith,
Kyler Cozad, Letisha Benally, Ashley Kaye and Tristian King. The game
lasted about 30 minutes and students still wanted to keep playing.

Students that participated in the activity were: Tara Jensen, Dominique
Johnson, Wolfgang Martinez, Mitchell Sockyma III, Catterina Chase, Delaney
Yoe, Aubrey Manson, Chantz Harvey, Manulita Mann, Garrett Begay, Jimaul
Harvey, Julyla Benally, Karlyle James, Kyle James, Briannna Littleman,
Molly Byjoe, Shalice Begaye, Letisha Benally, Ashley Kaye, Valynica Long,
Shawna Williams, Taylor Hosteen, Tristenn Neztsosie, Andre Denny, Cody
Russell, Ho’aka Austin, Zachary Welch, Uria Bitsinnie, Maurenna Billie,
Shantel Smith, Andreesen Crank, Kyler Cozad, Chelsey Yazzie, Gorgie Craig
(homeliving assistant), Joshuawn Begay,  Schuyler Rock, Shelly Twitchell (tutor),
Tristian King and Deion Avery.


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