An Adventurous Day!

Brandi B., Maurenna B., Schaielyn D., Andreesen C., Marian T.,
Zantana T., Chelsey Y, Joanna Y., Jonathan R., Jason L., & Wolfgang M.
accompanied by their chaperones Marlene Stewart & John Phaff went to
Monroe canyon! Students hiked, played & waded in
the creek, ate hoggies, roasted marshmallows. On the way to RRH, we stopped
at Pete Weimer’s house to visit Pete’s Taxidermy Shop. We were going to stop
for just a minute …”BUT”… guess what? Mr. Pete had something to show us! We
had no idea the suprise he had in store for us! First, but not least, he
showed everything from his Harley to alligator hydes, spotted skunks,
racoons, and  all kinds of fish including puffer fish. There were Elk heads &
every other animal you could think of including two bears heads in his
freezer! The kids had such fun with the deer hanging on the wall.  The students had fun
singing songs to them. We then went outside & the neighbor had Bull Elk feeding in
his field. The students chased the pelicans all over in the fields and
pet the animals. Thanks Pete for all the fun you showed our students!
Our final stop was  Monroe Hot Springs.  We fed  the
Koi fish with some bread that John donated. Our students ended up
hiking up to the mineral springs & investigating every aspect the
facility had to offer! My what a day! The students had such a great time!
Thanks to all that participated!


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