Annual A-Team Fry Bread Social 2012

On the Afternoon of September 29 the A-Team held its annual Fry Bread Social.  There was a large turnout of students who all participated in the fry bread making as well as the games.  Students gathered around the fryer and made fry bread of different shapes and sizes.  Many students perfected the technique at home, while others learned from those around them.  Students filled over three large coolers with fry bread where there was plenty to go around.

During the socializing and the bread eating, the A-team prepared fun activities for students to play.  The music was turned up loud, chairs were set up and students had a blast playing musical chairs.  After, almost all the students at the social gathered around the front field and play several rounds of missionary tag.  Overall, the fry bread social lasted a little under 3 hours!  There was a so much fry bread that left overs were served at dinner!



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