Bunko Up!!

Marlene Stewart took a group of our students at Richfield Residential Hall and met in the study hall to play Bunko on February 23, 2013 from 4-5pm.  It was the first time playing for many of the students and they enjoyed the exciting dice game.  The students gathered around three tables and partnered up with the student straight across from them.  Each student took a turn at shooting the dice and when they had accumulated the number on the dice totaling 21, that person shouted BUNKO!  The goal that the students were aiming for was 100 points.  Shanita Sullivan and Shalice Begay were the first ones to achieve the winning total of 100 points.  Erienna Sellers, Manuelitas Mann, Jazmie Smallcanyon, Brianna Littleman, Abby Smallcanyon, and Lynelle Maloney were close behind the winning total.  All the students that participated were rewarded with different kinds of candy in a goodie box!  Thanks to Nolan Kjar for taking pictures of our activity.  The students had an action packed evening.  Thank you to them for participating in this fun-filled activity.

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