Book Club Members Watch Catching Fire

18 Book Club students qualified to watch the new “Hunger Games: Catching Fire” movie on November 21st.  The students have been working hard and committed to reading both the first and second book  since the beginning of the year and all their hard work has paid off.    Students were extra happy to find out that they would be seeing the early premiere, the day before the actual release date nationwide of the second installment.  At the last meeting, students gathered in anticipation for what they would see.  The group definitely had a mental list of scenes they wanted to see played out from the book and eagerly shared their thoughts with staff and one another.

At the movie house, which was sold out, the kids were able to watch the movie in the upstairs stadium theater which added to the fun experience.  Staff enjoyed watching the students’ reactions to the scenes in the movie and eagerly, but quietly shared their thoughts of the differences between the book and the movie throughout the film.  Overall, the kids had positive reviews for the movie.  There were a few who were disappointed that a few things were left out or changed in the movie version, but that is usually the case for die hard book fans.

The students exemplified how great of a group they were in both commitment, learning, and positive behavior.  They grasp the concept that education is something fun.  They are just a few examples of Richfield Residential Hall students!


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