Maple Grove Adventure

Keeping with RRH tradition, our boys spent the past weekend on a three day camp out at Maple Grove. In a fun filled three days we hiked, fished, told scary stories, laughed until it hurt and ate a lot of great food!

Richfield Residential Hall Dorm Manager, Angie “Grandma” Herrera provided the following summary of the camp out:

Friday, April 27th, assigned staff loaded all the camping gear needed for boys’ campout and headed to Maple Grove. The campout is an annual thing that started several years. All of our kids look forward to going each year, “Grandma when do we go camping?” It’s something I , myself, enjoy. I enjoy being involved with both boys and girls campouts.

Maple Grove is a beautiful area with lots of trees, a small stream going through the campsite, and mountains behind us. This was Mr. Romero’s first time camping with our boys, He made the meals so good, especially with chili and different spices. Of course we did not forget our mutton stew with steamed corn and fry bread also dry bread made on grill. Besides eating there was a lot of places to go hiking, The boys went hiking and I asked how it was, everyone  of the remarks were they are having fun and enjoying the area. Saturday was just eating, hiking, relaxing or sleeping and some went fishing in the small stream and caught fish which they cooked on the grill. Sunday came too soon!  The students were right there willing to help with cooking, chopping wood and anything that needed to be done to make the camp a success. It was a great camp that we all enjoyed. I am blessed with all the awesome staff and students. A huge THANKS goes to Jason Taylor, Jaime Romero, Forrest Adison, who supplies us with fire wood — he always make sure that we have enough wood, Ouida Taylor helping with cooking, and I’m not forgetting the staff that helped us to get on our way and our camp set up: Pete Wiemer, Kitchen staff, and Mr.Workman. I cannot repay every staff being involved, all I have is a lot of thank you!

As you can see, everyone involved with the camp out had a great time. We will post more pics to our Facebook page as the students share them. Our girls will be heading out on their Maple Grove adventure on Friday, May 4th.

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