Brian Head Snow Boarding Trip

On Monday, February 15th, the Honor Roll students traveled to Brian Head Ski Resort for a day of snow boarding. Mark Laws, said about the trip, “The trip was a success! When we arrived, the director was gathering students to start fitting them for boots and snow boards. Before we knew it, the students were gathered up and off to lessons from the instructor. The kids were a little bit hesitant at first, but, as soon as, they were shown the basics, they went right up the hill. The first trip was pretty hard for them, but they continued to go right back up the hill & hit it again. Our kids had a BLAST! They are an awesome group of kids and they were very grateful for this activity. It was awesome to see a real smile on all their faces.”

After a day of snow boarding, the students ate dinner at Wingers in Richfield!

The following students & staff participated: Nanabah Bizahaloni, Warren Brown, Dennisha Bradley, Ashley Clyde, Dedrick Hoschain, Holly Johnson, Shane Sanderson, Lucy Slick, Serida Slim, Fabeian Toledo, Ouida Taylor (staff), and Mark Laws (staff).

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