Bryce Canyon Field Trip

Some of our Richfield High students spent a day in Bryce Canyon. One of those students was our president Shane Sanderson and he shares his experience.
“My trip to Bryce Canyon was such an “awesome” experience. There were many things I’ve seen that really caught my attention. The trail we took was 1.3 miles, and it was sort of cold. As we were going through Bryce, I was astonished by the amazing views of the rock structures “Hoodoos.” I also learned alot about Bryce Canyon and how it came about, the history behind the park, and where it obtained its name. One thing I learned that was quite odd was that Bryce Canyon isn’t really a “canyon!” I mean it’s called Bryce CANYON and it’s not even a canyon. “Wow!” If only they would have let me name the park (wink*):]. However, going on the trail was fun and everything, but yet coming back up was “killer!” Bryce Canyon is one place I will never forget. I wouldn’t mind “at all” missing school again just to go back and visit. Not to mention taking that trail one more time! :] Here are some pics of the trip.
sany4957.JPGsany4960.JPG sany4976.JPG sany4980.JPG

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