Cheii’s Birthday

Cheii’s birthday party started out as an idea in the boys’ wing, which ended up including the girls’ wing and the rest of the staff. Students donated money for steaks with sauteed mushrooms, 30 lbs. of fried potatoes, and Rocky Road ice cream from Ideal Dairy. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor donated a 25 lbs. bag of Bluebird flour. This was the students’ party for Grandpa Forrest Adison. The students made the torilla dough, which was cooked outside on the BBQ grill, cooked the steaks, and fried the potatoes. The students wanted to thank him for his many years of dedicated service, and for all he has done in teaching them silversmithing and leather craft, not to mention his wisdom and sound advice. The meal was excellent and the look of surprise on Grandpa’s face was the best part, along with his groovy green hat with the glittering lights. Grandpa has worked with students at Chemewa Indian School, Magdalena Dorm, and the Richfield Residential Hall for a total of 39 years. Grandpa told the students he has never had a Birthday Party like this one in all his 39 years! He thought birthday parties were only for kids. Well….Grandpa You’re still a kid to us.
**We would like to send a big thanks to our kitchen staff for all their help and support! You are always there for the students and staff….we appreciate you!****

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