Dart Throw

 On August 30, students faired the weather outside even through a rain sprinkle to try their luck and skills at a game of darts.  Students lined up and were given three darts during their turn to try to  hit the bull’s eye. Staff even tried their lockMany students came close to hitting the target: Troy Chee, Calsie Sockymo, Marwood Sloan, Elijah Stanley, Malvina James, Cody Lee, Tyler Neztsosie, Ryan Fisher, Sheldon Nez, Zachary Welch, Ethan Harvey, and Cody Russell were among the students extremely close at hitting the bull’s eye mark.  Cody Russell came the closest to hitting the target and was awarded the ultimate prize of a free ice cream cone at the Ideal Dairy restaurant and free haircut at the Accent Salon.

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