Deck the Halls! RRH Christmas Decorating!

On Saturday December 1st, Richfield Residential Hall was decorated with festive Chrismas Decorations.  The Freshman took the living room and decorated it in the theme of candles.  They also set up their tree which featured candle ornaments as well as a homemade fire place underneath the television.

The sophomores transformed their hallway with a theme called “A Walk Down Candy Lane.”  The entire hallway was decorated in a colorful candy-like scene throughout the ceiling and the walls.  Their tree also featured homemade candy ornaments and treats.

The juniors turned the recreation room into a winter wonderland complete with white trees, twinkling lights, and a drooping snowflake ceiling. They topped it off with a Christmas tree featuring a “Winter Bird” theme.

The seniors decorated the outside with an array of christmas lights and decorations.  They lined the windows and roof ends with lights as well as placed figurines on the lawn.  Their Christmas tree featured an array of different types of decorations which they named the “Misfit Tree.”

On Sunday the 2nd, local judges came in to judge the areas.  The winners are:


1st Place: Seniors
2nd Place: Juniors
3rd Place: Sophomores
4th Place: Freshmen


1st Place: Juniors
2nd Place: Sophmores
3rd Place: Freshmen
4th Place: Seniors

Congratulations to everyone who participated.  You all did a great job!


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