The Richfield Residential Hall Book Club has been reading the book, “Divergent,” by Veronica Roth.  The group read and discussed the book together with weekly reading assignments and discussions for the past several weeks. The book was just released as one of the top movies in the country. On Monday March 24 the book club went to the movie theater to watch “Divergent.”  Staff Nolan Kjar and Tina Stevens chaperoned 21 students who finished the book.  The Matinee started at 4 o’clock so once the students got back from school we headed down to the movie theater.  We loaded up on
popcorn and sugary treats before the movie started.  You can see in the pictures that the kids were excited.  Deion and Lee almost fell over from
laugher as they waited to buy treats.  I (Nolan Kjar) could hear the students laughs and cry’s during the movie.  I was very proud of the number of students that finished the book.

Students that attended:  Amber, Andi, Ashley, Aubrey, Calsie, Christie, Deion, Delany, Dharshina, Jimaul, Jonathan, Kyra, Lee, Letisha, Mitchell,
Nena, Sage, Shantel, Uria, Valyncia and Wolfgang.

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