Easter Egg Hunt 2014

On Sunday April 13, 2014, Richfield Residential Hall had its annual Easter Egg Hunt.  Many of the students joined in on a hunt for candy filled eggs.  Two of the eggs contained a slip of paper that entitled those who found them to a special prize.  One of the prizes was a necklace made in Hawaii and the other was a pair of sunglasses.  Cameron Neztsosie won the necklace and Jason Luna won the sunglasses.  Everyone who participated seemed to have fun and to enjoy the candy that they found. 

Staff member Jaime Romero brought his Yorkshire Terrier puppies who not only enjoyed the egg hunt, but also the attention given to them by the RRH residents.  The students had fun walking, playing, and just cuddling the dogs.   Many students asked when the pups could come and visit again.  The students are also looking forward to their visit home this week when they can spend time with their own pets and especially their families.  We hope everyone has a HAPPY EASTER AND SAFE TRIP!

 –Georgie Craig  and Jaime Romero

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