Final Dorm Days 2013

Majority of the students have gone home!  This last week was filled with fun and exciting events.  From the last study hall of the year, to a Title VII senior gifts, and an awards program, and basketball fun, RRH students were busy these last for the last few days.

Sunday the 19th: Basketball Free Throw Activity

In the afternoon, Rachael Miles held  a basketball free throw contest one for the boys and the
other for the girls.  She had 6 boys and 6 girls participate in the contest.
For the girls she  had Letisha Benally, Shantel Smith, Malvina James,
Dharshina Arizona, Nizhoni Brown, Ariana Mego, and Serida Slim. The winner
for the girl’s free throw contest was Ariana Mego who made 4 shots out of
10. For the boys that participated were Tristenn Neztsosie, Milton Yazzie,
Ryan Fisher, Andre Denny, Channon Yazzie, Warren Brown and Cole Begay. The
winner for the boys free throw contest was Cole Begay he made 5 shots out
of 10. The students enjoyed the game and each winner recieved a bucket
with a water bottle, powerade, fruit snacks, twizzlers and gum. They had a
great time.

In the evening, students competed in Marlene Stewart’s basketball free throw
activity. This took place on the basketball court of RRH from 5:15pm to
6:30pm May 19th, 2013.  Kiyla Butler was busy taking score for Arnoldo
Sonnie, Hoaka Austin, Kia Austin, Cole Begay, Jerel Crank, Malique
Brown, Ryan Fisher, and Tara Jensen. Each student had the opportunity to
make ten shots with the basketball. Whomever made the most shots was the
winner!  Malique Brown took first place, and Arnoldo Sonnie took second
place.  After the competition Malique & Arnoldo were awarded a bag full
of goodies! Marlene: I want to personally thank all the students that
participated!!The students had an awesome time!

Monday the 20th: Title VII Senior Gifts

RRH Seniors were presented with a gift from the Indian Education Committee.
on Monday, May 20 at 5 p.m., at Cedar Ridge High commons area.
All students had their last day of study hall!
Tuesday the 21st: RRH Awards Assembly
Students gathered together for the last time during an RRH Assembly which presented Academic Awards, Kitchen Awards, Dorm Funny Awards, and the High Five Raffle Drawing.  Among the awards, Chantz Harvey took home “Most Outstanding Boy” Dannielle Sam took “Most Outstanding Girl,”  Warren Thomas took “Most Improved Boy” and Kurif Yazzie took “Most Improved Girl.”  KP boy of the year went to “Blane Atene” and KP girl of the year went to “Chelsea Begay.”  The kitchen acknowledged that KP leaders set an outstanding example for their peers in the kitchen.
Andy  Crank was the big winner of the night who took home 3 raffle prizes with her High Five Tickets.  She won the girl’s mountain bike, a large popcorn machine maker, small popcorn machine maker, and ice-cream maker.  Joshuawn Begay won the boy’s mountain bike, and Ho’Aka Austin won a popcorn machine maker!

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