Freedom, Friends, Food, & Fun

Independence Day is historically a time to reflect on the freedoms we enjoy and the great blessings that we receive in our lives as a result of those freedoms. It is probably safe to say that the majority of the country spent Friday, July 4th in the company of good friends, good food, and celebration. Richfield Residential Hall was no exception. For the first time in decades, our campus was filled with the excited laughter of reminiscing RRH alumni throughout the entire day. We celebrated by enjoying a fantastic meal of BBQ steaks, baked potatoes, and all of the trimmings. We sat in the shade and ate entirely too much good food and visited with old friends, and made new ones. Jean Holiday-Nimrod said, “this place will always be home. It made me who I am, and I am so grateful for my time here.” Almost every person in attendance nodded in agreement at this statement. Many tears were shed and laughs shared during this fantastic meal. Alumni enjoyed touring the campus and sharing stories of the “good old days.” The wonderful day was capped off perfectly by a gorgeous fireworks display by Richfield City. Most reunion participants watched this spectacular show from the northwest lawn of our campus…the best seats in town, for the best show in the state!

We are so grateful to our alumni and the positive impact that they are having on their communities. We love to hear from you. Give us a call, stop by, or just write us a quick note in our “Alumni” page. Check out some of our pictures from this year’s reunion. You can view larger images by clicking on the pictures.


Mr. Denis Tsosie, RRH Class of ’68, is happy to be back on the RRH Campus! Mr. Tsosie was instrumental in the organization of this gathering.


Gloria Goldtooth (Class of ’69), Bennis Tso (Class of ’71), and Verne Gilbert take over the grill to prepare some of the best steaks in town! Thanks again 😉


Richfield Residential Alumni fill their plates for an endless supply of great food and even better conversation. Thanks to all who contributed to the awesome meal!

Mr. and Mrs. Workman arranged for a surprise guest during lunch. Click here <surprise.jpg> to see if you can identify who she is. Here is a hint: She dedicated decades of her life to serving the students of Richfield Residential Hall, and most of the boys thought she was one of the “prettiest women they knew.”


Okay, to be fair, a few years may have passed since you last saw her. The “surprise guest” is none other than Ms. Mona Lee Peterson, shown above reminiscing with Gloria Goldtooth and Helene Gilbert.


Ms. Peterson hugs former student, Billy Cly in an emotional reunion.


Mr. Bill Cly (Class of ’68), Richfield Residential Hall Governing Board Vice-President, was also instrumental in the organization of this great event. He is seen here enjoying the shade with his wife, Marilyn. Thanks for your service to our program, Mr. Cly.


Participating in this year’s reunion / Independence Day Celebration are (Front Row L-R) Gloria Goldtooth (Class of ’69) , Darlene Yellowhair (’72), Lavena Tsiniginie (’69), Helene Glibert (’69), Nina Parish (’62-’64), and Bennis Tso (’71). (Back L-R) Betty Yellowman (’73), Jane Horseson (’72), Bertha Barlow (’78), JeanHoliday-Nimrod (’76), Mona Lee Peterson (former RRH staff member), Chet Bryant(’68), Bill Cly (’68), Denny Tsosie (’67), Tom Nimrod (’76), Billy Barlow (’75), and Ray Dugi (’85). Not pictured, but in attendance are Richard Redsteer (’78), and numerous family members of the participants.

This was such a great event that the RRH administration is considering doing one every five years. Let us know what you think by adding your comments in the “comments “section of this post.

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