Fruit Dehyrdation Class


On Friday the 17th of January, students at Richfield  Residential Hall participated in a fun and educational workshop and afternoon  activity with Uncle Petey, the Facilities Manger.  Students were involved  in a hands on activity that showed them how to prepare and dry various types of  fruits and vegetables.  Students washed, cored, sliced and dehydrated  apples and pineapples.  Not all of the apples or pineapples were put onto  the drying racks as some sampling was done prior to and during the preparation of the fruit.  Also, some of the fruit was made into hats and various items  with a little imagination from the students!!
Students that participated had a great time and on  Saturday after some drying time got to enjoy the fruits of their labor by eating  dried apples, apples coated in cinnamon, and pineapple and cinnamon coated  pineapple.


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