Fun on Wheels!

Richfield Residential Hall students had no school on Friday, March 19th. To celebrate our freedom, staff scheduled a roller skating activity at Midstate Skates in nearby Elsinore, Utah.  Students were up early and completed all details and chores with a great attitude well before the bus arrived at 9:30. All students and several staff participated in this fun activity. We booked a private party and had the whole facility to ourselves for a couple of hours. It was a blast!

Mr. Laws said, “The majority of the kids were hesitant due to the fact that they had never skated before, but most of them faced their fears and strapped on a pair of skates or roller blades anyway. Some of the  kids took right off and did not have a problem.  Some of the kids are fast learners and got the hang of it really quickly.  Everyone was laughing and having a good time! Even those that struggled were smiling.”

Midstate Skates had something for everyone. There were skate, roller-blades,  and even scooters for those who did not feel comfortable on skates. Several students sat in booths and enjoyed some concessions while watching their friends skate. Even Mr. Laws, Mr. Workman, and Mrs. Taylor got out there and skated with the students!

According to Mr. Laws, “The best part about this activity was that those who knew how to skate helped the ones struggling and it looked like one big family.” Thanks to all who did so much to make this activity happen.

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