Get to Know You Games

Students returning and new gathered together in front of the dormitory to play “Get-to-Know-You” games in front of the dormitory on August 21st.  The students arranged in a circle and had a great time learning new names and facts about their classmates!  First, the students played a musical chair like game where they passed around a ball and introduced themselves with music.  Next, the students threw out random characteristics about each other and whoever that characteristic applied to had to run around and steal a chair!  After, students lined up in two lines for a competition and had to arrange themselves by their birthdays without speaking.  Students who participated included:

-Ashley Kaye

-Valyncia Long

-Cattarina Chase

-Manuelita Mann

-Nena Snake

-Letisha Benally

-Requel Curtis

-Summer Sonnie

-Shawna Williams

-Marty Sloan

-Schaielyn Descheny

-Janaye Harvey

-Delaney Yoe

-Julyla Benally

-Cameron Neztsosie

-Kris Ketchum

-Dannielle Sam

-Blane Atene

-Maurenna Billie

-Shantel Smith

-Kyle Cozad


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