Giant Sudoku

January marks the time of resolutions and what better way to  focus and refresh one’s self than working the brain!  Students competed in a fast-paced, competitive round of Sudoku, the game of logic and intersecting numbers.  …but this was no ordinary Sudoku game! Students competed on a large scale that encompassed a 3 foot by 3 foot area of number grids: Giant Sudoku. The students grouped up in teams of 2-4 players and participated in a intermediate-medium difficulty level letting their logical brain powers show!  Each team raced through their own puzzle to try to beat the other team, but there was one group who excelled above the rest: Calsie Sockyma, Nena Snake, Cattarina Chase, and Britney Curley dominated the Sudoku challenge coming in first place.  The team won a $20 Box Meal and to 2 Litter Soda to Pizza Hut.  The next groups became more agitated and wanted to claim second place the two groups who came in next finished at the same time.  The tie breaker came down to accuracy and the group which consisted of Aubrey Manson, Andy Crank, and Keneah Torralbo finished their puzzle with no errors.  The group won a $10 Box Meal to Pizza Hut to share.  Great job to the other groups who competed!

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