Go Badgers!

On Friday the 19th of March the Snow College Rugby Team started their end of season division playoffs. Brandon Sanderson, Shane Sanderson, and Shaun Todacheenie were able to attend the tournament at Utah Valley University.   RRH Staff, Mark Laws said, “We arrived early enough to watch a match between Idaho State and Utah State University.  The boys did not know what to expect.  They envisioned a game similar to American Football.  After a few minutes into the contest the boys realized that they were wrong; it’s a lot rougher and their are no pads or helmets for protection. They had never seen anything like it!  All of the students were wide eyed with mouths open and a big grin after the punishing hits and grueling runs to advance the ball.” In case you haven’t seen a rugby match, here are some great pics of the Badgers in action!

Brandon Sanderson was so impressed with the experience that he said,  “this is something that

I would like to try next year, if I attend Snow College.”  The boys were able to watch as the Snow College Badgers easily beat Southern Utah University. To make it even more exciting, Mr. Laws was able to get the boys on the field to meet some of the players. Brandon, Shane, and Shaun were able to shake hands and talk with the team, including Mr. Laws son, Stetson who is a key player for the Badgers.  The team said thank you for coming and they will be looking forward to Brandon Sanderson’s participation, on next seasons club!

The Badgers went on to take the Division Title as they beat Utah Valley University  in the championship. According to Mr. Laws, “The young men enjoyed this experience and were grateful for this opportunity to experience something so new and exciting.”

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