Ice Fishing!

February 1st staff Nolan Kjar and Ryne Richards got the opportunity to take two car loads of boys fishing early in the morning.  We set off at
7:30 AM towards Otter Creek.  The weather conditions were questionable with flurries hitting the reservoir off and on all day.  Lucky for us we came prepared and brought an ice fishing tent to have the students circulate in and out of to stay warm.  The ice was a good 14 inches thick and the boys sure got a work out using the ice auger to drill their holes to dip their fishing lines into.  Every boy that I (Nolan) talked to said they were
getting bites but weren’t able to hook a fish to reel in.  Cameron Neztsosie got a big bite and began reeling the fish in. The fish was just underneath the ice to where the students could see it was a big one and then the line broke.  We went a good 2 hours until we caught our first fish.  Mitchell Sockyma was the lucky young man that caught the fish one. It was the largest fish we caught the whole day.  We only caught one more
fish but the students had a blast.  We got to visit and enjoy each other’s company in the tent the whole day.  We brought two vehicles.  Ryne left
with some of the boys that were cold or wanted to get back to the dorm at 330PM.  Nolan and 6 other boys stayed on the ice till the sun went down at 630PM.    Most of the boys that went said they can’t wait to get on the ice again before the warm spring weather comes and thaws out the ice.

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Students that attended:  Marty Sloan, Chantz Harvey, Mitchell Sockyma,
Tristenn Neztsosie, Tyler Neztsosie, Cameron Neztsosie, Avery Yazzie,
Lance James, Joshuawn Begay, Ethan Harvey, Lane John, Kris Ketchum and
Wyatt Willie

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