“Just a little better…”

Students were honored by a visit from the RRH Governing Board President on Friday, October 12th. Mr. Stanley Yazzie traveled from Kayenta to share some words of appreciation and encouragement with the student body. In his message, he encouraged the students to do their best and make the most of their opportunities at RRH each day, and then, “tomorrow, do just a little better.” In his encouragement to the students to continually improve themselves to be the best that they could be, he challenged them to get a good education in Richfield, and then come back to lead the Navajo Nation.


Speaking from over ten years of service to the students, staff, and families of RRH, Mr. Yazzie said, “I can honestly tell you that our students who have graduated from either Richfield High School or South Sevier High School are making a big difference back home. Some of them have become officials in their communities, some are holding high positions as judges or tribal leaders, many are teachers or engineers. This means that you are being given all the tools necessary to advance yourself and keep moving with your education.”

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Mr. Yazzie concluded his message by saying, “I encourage you to stay in school and be proud of who you are. Work with the staff and be attentive to them. Remember what you do here at the dorm and at the school reflects back on the Navajo Nation. Therefore, it is very important that you conduct yourself in a respectable and honorable manner. I believe in all of you and I feel honored to represent you.”

For more information on Mr. Yazzie’s service to Richfield Residential Hall, please refer to the staff page via the link on the left of the page.

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