Just Dance!

“Just Dance”! Students encouraged each other with these words  to get each other to get up and have fun. Students that did compete showed off their dancing skills late Friday afternoon and participated in a Just Dance Competition for the Xbox Kinect.  Students were excited for the event and initially signed up for to dance, but many signed up at the last minute to join in the fun.  The rest of the student body gathered in the living and created a stage for the dancers.

Friends and staff watched and cheered the competitors on as they boogied with one another.  Students who competed placed their names in a jar and were randomly selected to dance in groups of four.   After dancing, the score for the round was taken for each individual.  The top three students were awarded goody bags for their participation and dancing skills.  For those who know how the Just Dance scoring works the top 3 individuals overall were:

9875 points  First place: Ashley Kaye

9802 points  Second place: Shantel Smith

9502 points Third place: Dharshina Arizona

Click on the links to see the dances:

Marwood Sloan, Ariana Mego, Zachary Welch, and Serida Slim

Matthew Thompson, Darshina Arizona, Ashely Kaye, and Valerina Chee

Nizhoni Brown, Lorenda Burns, and Aubrey Manson

Tina Stevens (Staff), Kyralynda Yazzie, Shantel Smith (Matthew Thompson, and Dharshina Arizona background)

Tina Stevens (Staff), Troy Chee, Kyralynda Yazzie, and Shantel Smith




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