Labor Day Softball Tournament

For Labor Day weekend, the students enjoyed three hours of softball at the Lion’s Park. We had three teams, and the rest of the student body came to cheer and support their family and friends. There were four innings, with the exception of a tie breaker inning between teams 1 and 2. Our teams were co-ed with a mix of players ranging from former player of the game, current players of softball and baseball in the high schools, and even those who have never played before. We also invited friends from the community and three girls, Zaisha, Emily, and Maresia, enjoyed the morning with our students and helped make it an exciting game. We watched as students hit home runs, hit fouls, ran safes, ran outs, making slides, catching fly balls, and the most memorable, the breaking of a bat. Team 2 was the winner of the game and their names are: Serida Slim, Pictures were taken by senior, Hongva Lucero, who also was in the middle of the playing field. Thanks to the students and staff who made the game a success and an enjoyment. Students who played were rewarded with a pizza dinner from Tina, who was in charge of the activity.


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