Lake Reservoir Fishing

Oct 13th: On a cool Sunday morning at 7:15 a.m., 14 students and two adult chaperones headed for Lake Hill Reservoir.  Lake Hill Reservoir is a very small lake located eight miles east from the center of Ephraim, Utah on the Ephraim Canyon Road.  Just a few seconds after the students cast out their lines into the water, they began to reel in the fish.  Elijah Stanley was the first to catch a trout.  All of us expected that we would be catching rainbows.  However to our surprise, it was a Tiger Trout.  It was the first time for us to catch a Tiger Trout.  We caught about 50 Tiger Trout and about five Rainbow Trout.  Jason Luna caught the biggest Tiger Trout.  After we returned to the dorms, we had a fish fry.  The students are eager to go again and catch the elusive Tiger Trout at our secret fishing place.


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