Last Fishing Trip of 2012

A message from Grandma (Ms. Herrera):

Our Fishing Trips for this have been awesome.  We never came back empty handed and all the trips have included our newest members Nolan Kjar, Ryne Richards and of course, myself.  Even when  one of us was off duty at the dorm, we still went in our own vehicles to be there for the kids that went to have a good time to fish.  We have had 15 students each time with some on the waiting list who were eligible to be first in line for the next fishing trip.  Some students had never fished before and it was so much fun to hear screaming as they pulled out their fish from the lakes.  They have learned how to gut the fish and skin them.  For the first three times we took the stove, butter, skillet, and paperware so we could cook what we caught up to noon.  After we brought back what was left over and with the students at the dorm.  Students who went fishing were up by 6am, got their room and detail complete, and were on the road by 7am.  These students were anxious and excited.

On Sunday November 18th, we had our last fishing trip of the students caught several big catches!  It was cold, but we paid no attention to it.  It was an enjoyable part of the activity.  We are already looking forward to next year’s fishing and know we are going to catch some big trouts!

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