Lets Tag!

On September 15, 2013 @ 1:30pm Marlene Stewart had the students @ RRH
get together outside to play tag. Nolan Kjar helped set the rules with
the students for tag. After receiving the instructions one of the
students was selected to be it. That student started the game by running
after the other students until he or she tagged another student making
that student it, and this procedure continued until all students were
eliminated but the last two players. Each student tried their best but
Deion Avery and Mitchell Sockyma conquered all and took first and second
place. The students had so much fun that they wanted to continue
playing! Deion & Mitchell received a soda, popcorn and a bag of candy
for first & second place. I want to thank all the students that
participated it was a huge success and the students had a great time!


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