Make the Most of This Opportunity!

On Friday, October 9th, Richfield Residential Hall students and staff were treated to a visit from alumni Valencia “Nessa” Sherman. A 2001 graduate of Richfield High School and Richfield Residential Hall, Nessa said she still uses the things she learned at RRH each day. After leaving Richfield, she went on to play volleyball for Dine College in Arizona. She then transferred to Western International University, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Nessa is currently living in Oregon completing graduate school, where she is studying Clinical Psychology. You go girl! We are all super proud of you!

Nessa said that she wanted to stop and talk to the students because she would have liked to hear from former students when she was here. She admitted that at first it was a little intimidating, as this was the first time that she has been back to Richfield since she graduated. However, after she pulled into the parking lot, she felt right at home. Lots of hugs from staff helped to ease the tension, and she was soon right in her comfort zone talking with students and staff.

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Nessa shared a great message and a fun slide show with our students and staff. The students got a kick out of seeing the way things used to be here in the “old days!” Nessa shared her story and the sacrifices she has made to get this far in her education. She said that it all started with the opportunities she was given and the lessons that she learned while she was a student at RRH. She said, “The things I learned at the dorm, help me every day of my life. This place gives you everything you need to be successful.” Nessa encouraged the students to make the most of the opportunities that they have at RRH and to always put their education first. She also reminded them that attending RRH is a great privilege and they should be proud of themselves for being selected as students. Nessa continues to work towards her dream of being a masters level therapist, where she can help others.

Thanks for taking the time with our students, Nessa. Continue to follow your dreams!

May 2001: Monty Kinlicheenie, Valencia Sherman, Tahina Atene, DeRyan Begay

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