Monrovian Hiking Trip!

Staff members Jamie Romero and Racheal Miles took a group of 15 students about 5 miles out of the city of Monroe, Utah to the Monrovian Park and Picnic Area.  Maurenna Billie, Kyralynda Yazzie, Lorenda Burns, Nizhoni Brown, Malvin James, Zachary Welch, Milton Yazzie, Marwood Sloan, Chantz Harvey, Kyle James, Lane John, Blain Atene, Kevan Smallcanyon, Ethan Harvey, and Wolfgang Martinez The area features extensive hiking trails where the students and staff enjoyed their evening exploring the outdoors.  Staff member Racheal Miles took a group of students with her on a hike.   She said, “The Monrovian Hike and cookout was a success!

Everyone had fun telling stories of going hiking and doing awesome outdoor stuff…the students were willing to help me and give me tips on hiking.”  Student hiking groups met up at the end of the hike to have a picnic.  Staff member Jamie Romero received help from RHS Junior Chantz Harvey.  They cooked hamburgers for the group to eat together before packing up and heading back to Richfield Residential Hall.  Overall the students love the fresh air, the quality time, and the overall experience!


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