Mutton Fry 2013

Through rain or cold, wind and early morning fatigue, nothing could stop RRH staff and students from going out and participating in the annual Mutton Fry tradition that was started years ago.  Ms. Herrera came early and enlisted the help of students to set up tarps to provide some cover from the early morning rain.   Students and staff went straight to work to butcher two sheep.  For most kids, this was an event that they enjoyed doing at home and they brought out their skills to help will the process.  For others, this was something new, but exciting and the staff and seasoned students helped teach these curious students about the process.

Students and staff went straight to work on cooking.  From ribs to blood sausage, everything was prepared and throughout the day, students were excited to finally sit down and have a feast!  Several students helped out with making frybread to complete the meal.  Staff, students, and families, sat down enjoyed a great meal.

Later that evening, all students went outside and participated in outdoor movie night.  The students watched the move “Life of Pi” which was a great way to end all the festivities of the day.  The students also enjoyed slush from the Ideal Dairy as a treat from Ms. Herrera.

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