Nizhónígo náásgóó nahat’á

Chromebooks2While RRH students are enjoying the holidays with family and friends, RRH staff are busy preparing to distribute Chromebook computers to students when they return early next week. Computers are being inventoried and individual student accounts are being built.

We are excited to report the implementation of the Nizhónígo náásgóó nahat’á

initiative at Richfield Residential Hall. In this initiative, which translates to “beautifully planning for the future” in Navajo, transformative technologies will ignite a joy of learning in our students that will inspire them to become 21st century learners. The overall goal of this program is to give each student the technological advantage and experience necessary for success in today’s digital world.

We are all grateful for the vision and commitment of the Richfield Residential Hall Governing Board and Administration that will result in every RRH student having access to the latest classroom technology. This bold move will put cutting edge technology into the hands of each and every RRH student. Early next week, each RRH student will receive a new Samsung Chrmoebook Computer and custom molded carrying case. Students who complete all four years of high school at Richfield Residential Hall will get to take the Chromebook and case with them to college as their own.

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