No Drug or Alcohol Reward Activity

This is exciting! 86 students were eligible to participate in the semi-annual NO Drug or Alcohol Activity which took place on November 6th. Students who had no incident reports for substance use were invited to particpate in a full day of activities. First, a studentbody meeting was held to explain the activities and the expectations for the day. Next, students were taken to the bowling alley where they chose to play pool, engage in video game play, bowl a few games, or just hang out with friends. Then, Pizza Hut pizza and a soda were provided for each one. Later, a movie was on the agenda. They had a choice of one of three movies to watch. The day ended back at the Residential Hall with a light dinner being served. This activity takes place twice each school yar. The students really look forward to it. We try to make it an exceptionally fun day so everyone realizes the importance of staying away from substance use. From the pictures, you can see the students are having a great time. Our next reward activity will be in April.

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