October Fishing at Yearns

Early morning Saturday the 13th, a group of staff and students went on the second fishing trip of the year.  The group drove to Yearns Reservoir which is found 6 miles up Manti Canyon in Central Utah.  The forest areas contains more than three-quarters of Pine Tree.

 The morning was chilly and mountain roads muddy, but students were excited to see the scenery of the outdoors.  When staff and students arrived, they found themselves located just right under the fringe of the snow on the mountains.  It had snowed previously the night before and students were able to see the majestic view and the fog at the tips just kissing the surface of the water.    For many of the students, this was their first time fishing.  The group was greeted by excited fish jumping all over the water.

The students enjoyed their time at the reservoir.  A group of girls were catching fish spontaneously, but screamed after the fish began to wiggle.  The boys had fun watching the girls try to unhook the fish for the first time.  Ethan Harvey had fun casting his pole which would shoot up into the air and land straight down.  At the end of the day though, Ethan Harvey was a contender to catching the most fish.  Overall it was a chilly, but beautiful day to fish.  Students and staff caught at least 50 fish, but had to let go of the little ones.  Students look forward to another fishing trip and loved the learning experience.

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